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Manufacturing Solutions

Our ability to assemble PCBs, test them and integrate into mechanicals to deliver complete product helps customers with shorter time-to-market. In several sectors including industrial, automotive, defense and medical. We are certified to ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 standards.

PCB Assembly

Complex PCB assemblies with 0201 to BGA and QFN packages with IPC Certified skilled operators. Proto types to Bulk volumes supported.

Wire Harrness

Reliable wire harnesses that can go with PCB assemblies. Reliable crimping through machines with IPC 620 certified operators.

Unit Integration & Testing

Firmware/Software loading, testing and Box Build with wire harness integration. Burn-In with reliability testing supported.

Manufacturing Services

We built the capabilities of global EMS into a smaller, flexible operation

Now imagine what we can do for you. Outsourcing your electronics manufacturing to an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company can return tremendous benefits—but only if you select the right EMS.

Global EMS companies offer stunning capabilities, but are they responsive and flexible? Small shops will build devices strictly to your prints but offer little or no support. MicroLOGIX is unique; we deliver world-class electronic manufacturing services and support, targeted specifically to meet the needs and budgets of mid-sized clients. Need 100 devices built this week, 1500 next week, and 80 the following week? No problem. Need to make quick changes to product being manufactured or in the field to correct a product problem? We’re set up to do that.

MicroLOGIX is a robust, flexible, responsive organization, focused on customer service, and geared to speed your time-to-market with complete reliability. Doing the job right is more important to us than just shoving boxes out the door. As you’ll discover, MicroLOGIX can make the difference between a successful product launch, and a mediocre one.

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