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Use Cases

We provide specialized Product Solutions for :

  • Portable Toilet Automation :
    • Custom Programmable Logic Controller with 24 Inputs and Outputs
    • GSM Modem (2G) to Connect to Cloud
    • Website
    • Email and SMS Notifications
  • Monitoring Energy Consumption of Data Centres (IP-PDU)
  • Monitoring Energy Consumption of buildings
  • Zigbee / BlueTooth Wireless Mesh Network Sensors
  • Machine Monitoring Systems with Sensors and PLCs
  • Specialised Vehicle Tracking Systems with Weighing and Engine Monitoring
  • Android Apps, Web Sites and Web Applications for the above Use cases
  • Design Solutions - MicroLOGIX

    We provide specialized Product Solutions for :
  • Environment : Air quality and Environment monitoring helps enterprises to meet compliances
  • Smart Buildings & Smart Cities : Smarter and more efficient buildings, public facilities, Pollution and Environment Monitoring helps governments and enterprises alike.
  • Energy : Our solutions helps companies to monitor their electrical infrastructure, lower their energy bills using IoT
  • Water : We help companies gather real-time water consumption data to help them save precious resources.
  • Supply Chain : We offer solutions that helps in Material Tracking, Monitoring and Warehouse Management helps to build efficient and cost-effective Supply Chain Management
  • Voice Assistant Based Products : MicroLOGIX can help you develop and deploy voice operated products which is a big trend today. With Amazon’s Alexa is already leader and Google is making big investments in the voice operated products space, this is the right time to voice-enable your products and make it consumer friendly.
  • Retrofit Legacy Products : Existing products can be retrofitted with our IoT Sensors and Gateway to improve efficiency and extend their lifecycle.
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