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While electronics manufacturing is our core activity, MicroLOGIX also offers advanced product support before and after the products are actually built. Pre-production services include testing prototypes and optimizing designs for reduced component count and higher production yields. Support after manufacturing includes tracking returns from the field, analyzing failures, and recommending improvements.

This also extends to legacy product support. Sometimes, no matter how much pre-production evaluation and testing is done, a product’s shortcomings won’t appear until it’s been used in the field. You might discover, for example, that a connector would work better on the front of the product instead of the back. We’ll work with you to make the design and manufacturing changes necessary to upgrade the product.

We can even rework existing products in or out of warranty. If you’re an OEM, MicroLOGIX provides an efficient, total turnkey process that can significantly lower your overall product costs. Instead of shuttling assemblies and finished products all over the map, MicroLOGIX can handle your logistics, manufacturing, inventory and warehousing, and pick-package-ship all from one facility.

  • On-going support: Product support before and after manufacturing includes burn-in, x-ray inspection and analysis, and failure analysis.
  • Testing capabilities: Environmental, immunity, and emissions testing; pre-compliance testing to UL, CE, FCC, and other standards.
  • OEM support: Pick, pack, and ship products to your customers, warranty report and tracking, retrofit and product updates.
  • Legacy support: We offer customers the ability to track product returns from the field, and offer repairs and upgrades.

We continue to invest in both equipment and process development to stay on the leading edge of technology innovations. We recently have added X-ray, AOI based Inspection Capabilities Schedule Flexibility: Supporting high-mix, high-complexity products with the flexibility to meet ever-changing customer requirements

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