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Material Management

MicroLOGIX’s Materials Management team does much more than just buy the components we need for manufacturing. They’re responsible for seamless management of our entire supply chain, turning every link into a competitive advantage for our customers.

The Materials team monitors lead times, stocking levels, and customer schedules to ensure material availability. Through the use of component engineers, we work with suppliers to achieve cost savings, manage EOL and source for the most aggressive pricing and on-going reviews. Innovative methods such as strategic parts agreements and in-plant stores make our operations more flexible. If a customer makes a last minute change, or there’s a kink in the logistics flow, Materials can respond quickly to keep a project on track.

Materials Management develops (and keeps) suppliers who can deliver top-quality materials on time. Every supplier must pass our qualification process, which begins with an extensive initial screening questionnaire that covers everything from how they maintain their tooling to how they dispose of defective material. In addition to using distributor partnerships, the Materials team may purchase directly from component manufacturers. We also have established offshore suppliers to achieve greater cost savings.

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