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Drier Controller

Product Summary

This Industrial Tumber Drier Controller is designed for OEM Laundry and Textile customers who needs performance and high reliability using microprocessor technology.

This controller packs a lot of features and yet compact. It employs both temperature and moisture sensing technology to provide perfect dryness of the load. It controls the drying process using either Time-Temperature and Humidity mode. When operate in humidity mode it results in time and energy savings.

At the end of drying cycle, controller has tilting mechanism to unload the materials.

Key Features
  • Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Compact 144x144mm DIN standard ABS Enclosure
  • 5 Auto-Dry or Time -Dry programs
  • Reliable Construction with Wide Operating Voltage
  • Door Open Sensing
  • Energy and Time Savings Stops Automatically When Load is Fully Dried
  • Residual Moisture Control with Precision Sensor
  • Plug-In Connectors for Easy Wiring


    Analog Inputs

  • Temperature Sensor (0-120 C)
  • Humidity Sensor (0-90 %RH)
  • Digital Inputs

  • Door Sense Switch
  • Motor Error
  • Phase Error
  • Start Push Button
  • Stop Push Button


  • EMI
  • Surge
  • ESD


    Relay Outputs for

  • Drum Right Rotation
  • Drum Left Rotation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Fan
  • Alarm / Hooter
  • Cover Lock
  • Down
  • Up

Power Supply

  • 220V AC (180 - 300VAC)
Controller Front Layout
Dimension 144mm(W)x144mm(H)x95mm(D)
Weight 500 gm
Constructionr DIN Standard Enclosure 144x144mm
Cable Entry Plug Intype Connectors for Easy Wiring
Operating Temp -5 to +550 C
Relative Humidity 85% Rh with No Condensation
Controller Rear Layout
Specification (Contd...)

Display and Indications

  • Temperature (0-120 C) - 4 Digital Display
  • Humidity (0-99%) - 2 Digital Display
  • Time (HH:MM) - 4 Digital Display
  • P1 to P5 - 5 Program Indications

Status Indications

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Timing
  • Alarm
  • Door Lock
Specification (Contd...)

    Preset Program


  • Dry Timer Runings
  • Humidity Control
  • Heating State
  • Cooling State
  • Door Open
  • Alarm
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