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Dental Chair Controller

MicroLOGIX offers the Electronic Controls suitable for Dental Chairs - that are Reliable, Proven and Time-tested.

These PCB Assemblies are meant for OEMs who manufacture the Dental Chairs and they offer unique advantage besides advanced technology and functionality. This product is intelligent as it uses microprocessor technology and embedded software. They are compact and employ Surface Mount Technology(SMT)-miniature components which are mounted by manchine for higher reliability. These products are made from modern factory with Pick and Place Robots and quality processes.

They are available as standard products with short lead times to meet customer needs. Please contact for Special OEM pricing for your regular requirements.

2 Axis Actuator Controller

  • Programmable Chair Controller with 2 Axis Control
  • Suitable to Linak/Linkan Actuators
  • Chair Up/Down and Backrest Front/Back Control with Soft start.
  • Zero Program to bring the chair to lowest and front position to enable the patient to alight easily
  • Gargle/Emergency Positions
  • 24V/6Amps AC Supply input
  • Actuator Overload Protection
  • Surface Mount Technology for Compact Design
  • Auto movement of the Backrest by manually pressing the Gargle key and Emergency key
  • Two Erasable Programs for Chair Seat and Backrest positions.

Trolley Control

  • Integrated Digital DC Micromotor Control
  • Direction and Foot Operation Selection
  • Foot Switch for easy motor control
  • Micromotor Overload protection
  • LED and Buzzer indication of faults and status of the system
  • Spittoon and Tumbler Automatic timer
  • Programmable Timer for Water filling and Cleaning
  • Long life, Sturdy, thin Membrane Keypad
  • 24V/6Amps AC Supply with 18-32V operating range
  • Halogen Lamp Dual Intensity Control with soft-start.


  • EMI and surge protection.
  • Environmental protection for the PCB through conformal coating.
  • Motor shortcircuit,OverLoad and OverVoltage protection.
  • Foot Switch abnormal short sensing
  • Arc elimination for long life of relay.
  • Auto-power off mechanism for trouble-free operation.

External Inputs and Outputs

  • Start/Stop Foot Switch.
  • Micromotor DC Motor Control output — Bidirectional with a speed range of 1500-24000 rpm.
  • Spittoon Solenoid — 24VAC Triac Output.
  • Tumbler Solenoid — 24VAC Triac Output.
  • Halogen Lamp — 12VAC Triac Output rated at 6Amps. Voltage to be maintained at 12V by phase angle control.
  • DC Motor Control output — Bidirectional

Displays, Keys and Indications

  • Membrane type Metal Dome Switches for high reliability
  • 8 Keys and LED indication for Trolly Control
    • Micromotor On/Off
    • Micromotor Fwd/Rev
    • Halogen Intensity Control
    • Hand/Foot control
    • Speed Up/Down
    • Spittoon Control
  • 10 Keys for Chair Control
    • Seat Up/Down
    • Backrest Front/Back
    • Zero Function Programming Keys
    • Gargle Function
    • Emergency Function


  • Motor Overload.
  • Motor Shortcircuit
  • Over voltage indication
  • Foot Switch abnormal Short.

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