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Boiler Level Controller BLC-10/BLC-20

Product Summary

This compact and reliable level controller for boilers equipped with modern microprocessor. Adjustable time delay and ample indications provide automatic control of boilers and highest availability. Safety features include high pressure cutoff with indication and a relay output.

Key Features
  • Compact Size-DIN Standard Enclosure (5x45x110mm)
  • Two Level Water Sensing
  • Pressure Switch Input for Safety
  • Heater Control
  • Alarm when Water Level goes Low
  • Adjustable Pump On Delay


  • Boiler Water Level Probe
  • Pressure Switch


  • Operating Temperature - Ambient to +650 C)
  • Storage Temperature - 00 C to +800 C
  • 90% Rh Humidity non-condensing

Power Supply

  • 180V TO 270VAC


  • Heater Relay -10A Contact Rating
  • Alarm Relay - 10A Contact Rating


  • EMI
  • Surge
  • ESD
Controller Front Layout
Dimension 75mm(W)x45mm(H)x110mm(D)
Weight 250gm
Constructionr DIN Standard Enclosure IP54
Cable Entry -
Operating Temp -0 to +650 C
Relative Humidity 85% Rh with No Condensation
Wiring Diagram
LED Indications

Status Indications

  • Power
  • Heater
  • Pump
  • Alarm
  • Tank Empty
  • High Pressure
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