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Power Distribution Unit (PDU-Metered)

This intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) is a networked power distribution unit that increases the efficiencies of data centres with real-time remote power monitoring, environmental monitoring and data center infrastructure integration. This version of PDU is metered Inlet PDU measures the power parameter and displays both locally and over a network using various network elements. This PDU is your best choice to reduce cost, increase availability, provide energy efficiency and manage existing capacity.

  • Display rotation through Mems selection
  • Settable limits (warning/alarm)
  • Operating hours meter, total and cyclical (resettable)
  • Ethernet connection (RJ 45) for connection sensors
  • USB A-port for firmware update and data logging functions
  • CAN bus interface (RJ 45) for connecting sensors
  • Suitable for connection to Rittal CMC III system (Slave PDU)
  • MIB for linking into 3rd party software


  • Power supply 110 V – 230 V/260 V, inherent power consumption approx. 15W
  • Rated current 16/32 A, single-phase/3-phase
  • Version additionally 63 A/3-phase (blade PDU, no Zero-U)
  • Miniature circuit-breaker, 16 A, type C
  • PDU self-supplied, no external power supply required
  • PDU power supply redundant across all phases (with 3-phase PDUs)


  • Aluminium construction - Lightweight
  • Black colour - powder coated
  • Connection cable, static, 3 m, with CEE connector (IEC 60 309)
  • Sockets C13-XX, C19-XX

Connectivity / Measurement Functions

  • Powerful 400 MHz CPU
  • Graphic OLED display 128 x 128 pixels (RGB) with back-lighting and energy-saving mode(display of output data and basic IP configuration)

Measurement Functions

  • Voltage (V), current (A), frequency (Hz)
  • Active power (kW), active energy (kWh), apparent power (kVA), apparent energy (kVAh)
  • Power factor (cos phi)
  • Zero-conductor measurement/load imbalance detection
  • Measurement per phase or infeed
  • Measurement accuracy +/-1% (kWh) to IEC 50 430-1

Optional CAN BUS Sensor

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PIR (Occupancy) or Intrusion

Supported Network Protocols

  • Web server (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL)
  • TCP/IP v4 and v6, DHCP
  • SNMP v1, v2c and v3
  • FTP/SFTP (update/file transfer)
  • E-mail forwarding in case of alarm (SMTP)

Ambient Condition

  • Operating temperature 0°C to 55°C
  • Storage temperature -25°C to 70°C
  • Ambient humidity % (non-condensing) - 10 to 95
  • Protection category IP to IEC 60 529 - IP20
Dimensional Details
1756.8mm 44mm 62.3mm
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