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Rack Mount Pro

This Advanced Rack Monitor enables racks to communicate it’s health status of Fans, Critical Temperature of sub-systems through either MODBUS or Ethernet Port to central server. Control settings can either be set locally using the keypad or remotely using MODBUS/Ethernet. A software utility provided to set and manage this controller. Optional SNMP protocol over ethernet can be provided for centralized control and management when multiple racks are to be monitored simultaneously.

Dual Supply voltage of 12VDC/230VAC offers flexibility. Also AC/DC Fans of 24VDC/48VDC or 230VAC ratings can be easily connected and monitored.

Smoke Detectors and Door Limit Switches can provide additional protections to the Rack/Cabinet.

Key Features
  • 6 Fans control with 6 Temperature sensor.
  • 6 Relay outputs with common Fault Relay.
  • RS485 MODBUS for communication optional remote monitoring and management .
  • Ethernet port for remote monitoring and management.
  • 12V DC or 230V AC Supply
  • In-built Display and Keypad
  • Local Display of Temperature and Fan status
  • Provision for Smoke Detector/Intrusion Detector and Door open sensing

User Interface

  • Up, Down, Enter, Menu
  • 3 Digits 7 Segment Display


  • Temperature Sensors (NTC 10K) - 6Nos
  • AC Fan ON/OFF Sensing Using current Transformer-6Nos
  • 24V / 48V DC Fan ON/OFF & Speed Sensing - 6Nos
  • Door Lock Input
  • Smoke Sensing

Power Supply

  • 12VDC Mode
  • 230VAC Model


  • Relay Outputs for fan ON/OFF - 6Nos
  • Door Relay output for Door Fault
  • Buzzer / Hooter Relay output for Smoke Alarm

LED Indications

    Fan Fault
  • Inlet - On & Fault
  • Outlet - On & Fault
  • Temperature Faults
  • Inlet, Outlet, Zone1, Zone2
Front Panel
Dimension 160mm(W) x 75.6mm(H) x 133.9mm(D
Weight 850gm
Construction Aluminium Enclosure
Operating temp -0 C to 55 C
Relative Humidity 85% Rh with No Condensation
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