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Portable Toilet Controller

This innovative logic controller controls and remotely monitors all the aspects of the modular, portable toilets. Starting from money collection, lighting, access control, occupancy sensing, water management and hygiene system.

Complete health data is transmitted to cloud and then displayed on a website helps the management to maximize the revenue collected from each toilet installed anywhere. Google maps based location identification helps to group the toilets and assign maintenance engineer to them as well track the revenue by region.

Dual level access to website provide admin and maintenance personnel. E-mail and SMS Alerts provide when the functions of the Toilet fails helping the maintenance personal to reach toilet location as quickly as possible. Different reports are generated to help the management. Few of the critical functions of the toilets can be controlled from website after selecting the toilet providing bidirectional control.

  • Over Head tank and Sump Level Sensors to monitor Water Level
  • Alarm Buzzer for Alerts
  • Automatic Controlled Exhaust Fan
  • Emergency Switch to Exit
  • Key Features

  • Cloud Connected Toilet for Easy Monitoring and Control
  • SMS / E-mail Alerts for maintenance
  • Advanced Electronics - Controls and Communicates to the Internet/Cloud
  • Coin Operated with Revenue reported to cloud
  • Toilet Specifications

  • Coin Collector for money collection
  • Voice Guided user interface for step by step instructions
  • PIR Sensor to detect User presence
  • Status Light (Green/Red) for Occupancy Indication
  • LED light On/Off Control
  • Door Lock Control
  • Automatic/Manual Flush
  • IR Sensor Controlled Hand wash System
Dimension 345 230 120 mm(W)x mm(H)x mm(D)
Weight - 4500 gm
Construction - IP55 Powder Coated Metal Enclosure
Cable Entry - Pg16 Glands
Operating temp - 5 to 550 C
Relative Humidity - 85% Rh with No Condensation
Wiring Diagram
Web Interface
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